What sort of camera do I need?

Any camera will work for Mindful photography as long as you have access to some apps for "manualising" your iPhone or android phone.

I have had people through the class with iPads, iPhones, through to full  frame DSLR cameras.  I would recommend a camera that has some level of manual setting over a fully auto camera.  However these days the cameras in our pockets have great potential and can be used with apps to replicate manual mode.

What Apps for Android or iPhone do you recommend.

When it comes to photography I recommend

Slow Shutter




Do I need a tripod?

A tripod is only really necessary for the night classes. The tripod will enable you to take time exposures, but they can be useful for slow shutter opportunities to capture moving water.   If you are happy to carry it around, it will be useful.

What lenses should I bring?

If you have a DSLR it is worth bringing along any lenses that you might have.  We will work with opportunities for Macro, Wide Angle landscape, Zoom and Prime.  A description of where you should use them and why will be part of the class

What else should I bring?

Make sure you have a backup battery and extra cards for storage.  It's always good to make sure you have more than enough!