What is Mindful Photography?

Look through the lens, consider the elements around you. Pay attention to light, shadows, colour, shape and texture and movement. Anchor your awareness in the present moment by framing what you see. Photograph as if seeing it for the first time. Allow the moment to be exactly as it is, without judgement.

Can photography be helpful for mental health?

Mental health professionals say yes. They define something as “therapeutic if it enhances insight into yourself, promotes the awareness and expression of underlying feelings, and moves your identity into new, more helpful directions."

It provided me with knowledge about the settings on the camera, and added that little bit more photography opportunities, practical based, that we all want.

The photographer was excellent. She was down to earth and very personable, putting my son at ease immediately. She was extremely professional and helped my son to really enjoy and understand his camera. The venue was ideal for the type of instruction. From the very first email enquiry I made until we waved goodbye to the teacher, your organisation was efficient, effective and impressive. I would't hesitate recommending your organisation and we'll be a repeat customer for sure!

The points you said were very informative and I could understand them all. - You let us take pictures when ever we saw something that drew to our eyes. -You had a fun positive additude towards photography and teaching the main points so we could produce the greatest picture possible.